Jerry Sensei has had the opportunity to
train with a number of wonderful

He would like to express his thanks and
respect to:

Brian Young Sensei, Jack Hoban Shihan,
Bill Atkins Shihan, Ian Thomas Kyoshi,
Guru Dan Inosanto, Eyal Yanilov, Master
David Theroff, Arash Dibizar Sensei, Jaya
Carl Sensei, Professor Tony Janovich,
Professor Tom Ball, Moni Aizik, and
Tyson Lutz Sensei.
Jerry Sensei is a current student of Kyoshi Randy Weekley.  Kyoshi is the head
instructor of the
Ninpiden Dojo in Colorado and is the founder of the
Ninpiden International Ninjutsu Martial Arts Association.
Randy Weekley Kyoshi
    Began his martial arts career while studying for a degree in criminal
    justice.  As he traveled around in pursuit of a career in law enforcement
    he was able to sample many different martial arts.  He had a life changing
    discovery when he found Ninpo Taijutsu.  Weekley Kyoshi became a
    student of Shoto Tanemura Soke for 17 years.  Two years after the
    decision to dedicate his life to the pursuit of martial arts he opened his
    first dojo, it was 1992.

    Weekley Kyoshi is the Dojo Cho of two martial arts schools in Colorado
    and helps oversee dojos in Thailand, Mexico, South America, and the
    continental U.S.A.  He also travels the world as a guest martial arts and
    defensive tactics instructor.  
Jerry Edwards Sensei
    Is the Chief Instructor and
    Dojo Cho of the Aki Kaze
    Dojo.  Jerry Sensei has more
    than 20 years of training in
    various martial arts including
    Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Krav Maga,
    Kung Fu, and Tai Chi.  He has
    had the privilege to study under
    two living Grandmasters.  Jerry
    Sensei has spent time in Japan
    studying under Soke Shoto
    Tanemura of the Genbukan
    Ninpo Bugei organization and
    he has also studied with
    Grandmaster Sin Kwang The'
    of the Shao Lin Do Kung Fu
"The enemy who is against the laws
of nature will loose his battle before
he begins to fight.  
The first priority to the Ninja is to
win with out fighting."

- Takamatsu Toshisugu 33rd Grandmaster
Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu
Jerry Sensei holds rank in the following:
    Black Belt Instructor              -         Ninpo TaiJutsu (Ninjutsu)
    Black Belt Insturctor              -         Jujutsu
    1st degree black belt               -         Shao Lin Do Kung FU
    Level 2 Instructor                   -         Commando Krav Maga
    Certified Massage technician    -         Okazaki Restorative massage